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Caleb De Casper LIVe!!! @ the Electric Church

Rock and roll glamour recorded live at The Electric Church in Austin, Texas.

Physical compact disc arrives in an innovative packaging that folds out to include: 

- 11x17 poster by San Antonio photographer Rico Olguin
- hand-painted, environmentally friendly cd case
- artwork by Thomas Valles
- live show photos by Melanie DeMartinis and Tatiana Cholula


*all bandcamp orders of physical copies include digital download as well



Join the cult. This sultry tee by designer Keith Womak is an exact rendering of the artist Caleb De Casper's face. Cut it, rip it, and make it your own or keep it 'as is'. You decide how you want to show off your new favorite shirt.

Inked on Gildan Ultra 100% Cotton.





The first recorded EP Studio Album.  Released in April 2013.  Limited hard copies available.  This electronic rock/dance pop album is a pivotal moment in the life and work of Caleb De Casper, laying a foundation for all that you see now.  Comes in a jewel case with additional artwork on the back and cd itself.



Antone's Record Store Album Release Promo Poster

This poster was used as promo for the "LIVE!!! @ the Electric Church" album release show held at Antone's Record Store on August 16th, 2018 in Austin, TX.  The show was titled, "Thursday Night Creep Show Vol. 13 with Caleb De Casper & more!" and featured the bands Hot Mom and Eye of the Day.

It was designed and hand-drawn by Austin artist Billie Buck.

It's just a cool poster. Frame it in your favorite room.



Signed and Kissed 11x17 Promotional Poster

This poster was used as promo for the 'Good Boy' music video release on May 26th, 2018 at the Electric Church in Austin, Texas. It was designed by Ashley Bradley using a photo by San Antonio photographer Rico Olguin. This show was recorded and later became the album, "Caleb De Casper LIVE!!! @ the Electric Church ATX".

The show included bands Mangata, Goth Dad, and Tremble Out.

This is an 11x17 print poster on sturdy cardstock. It is signed by Caleb De Casper in a metallic sharpie and kissed with red lipstick.

Limited signed copies available.