Tatianna Cholula/SXSW

Tatianna Cholula/SXSW

Caleb De Casper is an Austin, Texas-based songwriter and performing/recording artist. He is a classically- trained pianist and vocalist who can be found regularly performing a mixture of solo horror cabaret shows and full-band theatrical glam rock shows in the Red River district of downtown Austin.

His music is eclectic, often dark and brooding, but contrasted against high energy tempos and theatricality. A knowledge of popular culture from the present all the way back to the romantic era is clearly evident.

His style is eccentric, pulling from the makeup of camp horror classics as well as the glamour and decay of old Hollywood. Although his preferred outfit would consist of fishnets and other androgynous paraphernalia, he has been known to wear anything from full-body bandages to diamond-studded leather vests, with the odd evening gown or victorian collar in between. To him, music is performance art.

De Casper began his music career in the foothills of North Carolina. Music had always been a fixture in his life, learning the classics and feeling a deep sense of connection to them when he was just a small child. Upon reaching young adulthood, and after several years of attending music school there, Caleb De Casper started to feel trapped--suffocated, almost. His vision for his art and for his life was not accepted or supported by even his closest peers, and he felt out-of-place. He was once told by a piano instructor, "The world would never accept his, a gay songwriter's, voice or point of view". Armed with tenacity, a yearning for something more, and his 2013 debut EP FANGORIOUS, he traveled on a whim to New York City, intent on living out his dreams.

While in New York, Caleb De Casper got a job at a recording studio in Brooklyn and began rubbing shoulders with notable career musicians. They pointed him in the direction of all the open mics that the city had to offer, and soon he had built a network of producers, musicians, and club owners in the Northeast.

After having spent some time in New York, Caleb De Casper realized that gentrification had taken its toll on the city's nightlife, and he returned to play a fortuitous show in Charlotte, NC where he was paired on a bill with a punk band from Austin, TX. After seeing him play his piano and watching him bleed gratuitously out of his eyes for a finale, the band, XETAS, was mesmerized and, noticing the empty, horrified stares of the audience, they convinced him to follow them to Austin, where he could flourish without restraint in a city that still had a thriving music industry.

He took them up on the offer.

After arriving in Austin, Caleb De Casper made short work of wooing a city that, to him, seemed to have everything he could ever need as a resource. There were unshuttered clubs, endless means of expression, and, most importantly, a supportive community of artists and musicians eager to experience all things new and exciting.

Still working in the occasional trips to cities like lower Manhattan, Boston/Provincetown, and
Baltimore, Caleb De Casper regularly performs in Austin and the surrounding central Texas region. One of his concerts could end in the ceremonial devouring of a raw heart or the murder of the artist by his backup dancing Mary Shelly-esque drag queens. Each show is a different work of art, and the only thing a spectator can be sure of getting is a sense of satisfaction from the entertainment and musical skill.

In 2017, Caleb De Casper signed with 'For Spite Creative Agency' for artist management services and independently released the disco pop single 'Good Boy' and the dark electro-dance pop single 'Big Bad Wolf ', to international fanfare and critical acclaim. 'Good Boy' was named one of Ovrld Magazine's Top 25 Songs by Austin Artists.  In October, 2017, Caleb De Casper secured a successful artist residency with the venue, Cheer Up Charlie's in the Red River District of Austin, TX. In the past year, he has received praise from local and national press [see “Media” tab] and completed a 15 date US Tour to promote his self-titled, highly expressive rock EP, ‘De Casper’. Even more projects await..